Penguin Poems Volume 1

i'll sing a song for you

oh ms. i'll sing a song for you. I really hope you like it. La la la.

Penguin's life

penguins waddle trough the ice.I'ts really nice.They don't stand on pegs, with their little cute legs.AND THAT IS A


penguins feathers are meant for swiming.They can dive 120 miles deep. I know i'ts amazing.

Hatch baby! Hatch

there's a lot of chicks on the world. And some are penguins!They are usaully brown,black or gray.

Penguin Poems Volume 2

I belive you

baby! asked a penguin's mom.What? said baby. I will always love you.Do you belive me? I belive you. When fish
are approched they are scared. Do you belive me? Yes. I belive you.